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SKU: X570400-860-XXX-15

ArcticShield kennel covers are ideal for anyone who owns a dog in cold climates, because a warm, dry hunting dog is naturally going to perform better in the field. The ArcticShield® insulated kennel cover features an aluminized polypropylene core layer in the fabric system. The thin aluminized layer retains more than 90% of the dog's escaping heat back into the kennel. Simultaneously, it deflects cold outside air to keep dogs warmer longer. The fabric system is an excellent wind and rain barrier, which is especially critical when transporting dogs in the backs of trucks.
MEDIUM - 33.5" x 22.5" x 24.75"
LARGE - 38" x 25" x 28"
X-LARGE - 41" x 27.5" x 30.25"

  • Retain™ heat retention technology
  • Insulated durable polyester w/ backing
  • Water and wind resistant
  • Zippered, vented side windows and zippered main door roll up and secure with toggles/elastic loops
  • Open bottom design for easy on/off