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Every hunter needs quality accessories. ArcticShield makes hats, gloves, backpacks, sleeping bags, koozies and more with our Retain™ and Retain™ Active technology and an emphasis on functionality to give you the same warmth and protection from the elements that come standard in our clothing line. With our technology and attention to detail woven into every piece of gear we offer, you’ll have everything you need to outlast the elements.
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Can Coozie - Realtree Edge®
Item No. X590300-804-999-19 In stock
Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Winter Moss
Item No. X590400-400-XXX-19 In stock
Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Black
Item No. X590500-700-XXX-19 In stock
Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Charcoal
Item No. X590600-701-XXX-19 In stock
Hooded Sweatshirt - Charcoal
Item No. X590700-700-XXX-19 In stock