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SKU: X523200-200-004-21

The ArcticShield® Retain™ Insoles serve as impeccable replacements for factory inserts. This product uses three layers: The lower features ArcticFelt which provides extra padding, increases cushion, and helps block out the cold. The middle layer incorporates Retain™ heat-retention technology which captures and returns up to 90% of your body heat while deflecting cold outside air away from your skin. The top layer has Comfort Foam which conforms to your foot, providing a comfortable, reinforced structure without the bulk.

  • Multi-layer construction
  • Provides added warmth, extra comfort, and a better fit
  • One size, cut to fit your boots or shoes
    Step 1: Remove your existing insoles from your shoes or boots.
    Step 2: Trace or outline existing insole onto the ArcticShield Retain Insoles.
    Step 3: Trim to fit so the insole matches your existing insoles or fits your shoe or boot.