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We stand in defiance of the thermometer. We’re not sovereign to the state of degrees. As hunters, we set out to make clothing that allows you to head in when the daylight fades, not when the temperature drops. ArcticShield was started with a simple goal in mind: To enable hunters to stay out longer. Staying out longer means more opportunities, more downed targets, and more stories to share. Whether you’re hunkered down in a frigid Midwest deer stand, stalking elk through the Rockies, or on your way to a preserve in the South, we create high-quality gear so you can outlast whatever conditions come your way.

ArcticShield allows you to stay out longer due to our advancements in materials and design, like our Retain™, Retain™ Active, and X-System. All of these materials are engineered to withstand the demands of all types of hunting because hunters don’t want to think about the elements. They want to be in the element. With ArcticShield, they are.

ArcticShield is an outdoor brand under the Absolute Outdoor, LLC company, located in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.

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