Frequently Asked Questions

You can wash the garments as often as needed, but don't put them in the dryer. Use a mild, scent-free detergent when washing, and let them hang dry.

We suggest storing all hunting garments in a plastic bag, sealed off from outside elements, year round. This helps keep the fabric from absorbing unwanted odors until the next washing.

ArcticShield® RetainTM technology is an aluminized polypropylene core layer in the fabric system.  This thin aluminized layer captures and returns up to 90% of your body heat back to you. Simultaneously, it deflects cold outside air away from the skin to keep you out longer, despite the conditions. Due to the thermal performance of the Retain heat-retention material, no extensive layering or added insulation is required. The RetainTM thermal material provides the warmth, but without the bulk.

ArcticShield® RetainTM Active utilizes nano-sized metallic powder formulated into the apparel laminate. This thin layer of thermal insulation efficiently retains body heat and delivers more than 20% added warmth back to the body. It’s breathable and wicks moisture away from the body in various climates.

The boot insulators are not designed to walk in. Rather, they are best suited for still hunting and should only be placed on your boots or shoes after you reach your blind or stand.

Yes, you will be more comfortable if you wear boots or shoes that are not heavily insulated. When you're enroute to your hunting destination, the outside part of your boot or shoe can get cold. Once you are at your destination, your feet don't produce enough heat to warm up your boots, so your feet will get cool. If your feet happen to sweat while you're traveling to your destination, the coldness will be amplified. It is best to wear lighter boots so your feet have less material to warm up, plus you're feet are less likely to sweat. Slip the boot insulators over your lighter weight boot or shoe for complete warmth.

If you experience poor circulation and you want to add additional heat inside, put a single heat pack into each Boot Insulator. This will add a heat supplement.

See sizing chart below for product sizing information:

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