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SKU: X571000-812-999-16

The ArcticShield® SpeedZ Layout Blind with Retain™ heat retention technology is compact and rugged. This blind folds down to a compact size, making it easy for transport and when set up, is only 13 inches tall. It's made up of durable reinforced polyester and only weighs 10 lbs. ArcticShield® Retain™ technology, reflects your body heat back to you and keeps the cold temps from the ground out, while deflecting the cold from the ground.

  • Packable, compact, and portable
  • Retain™ heat retention technology in backrest, mat, and cover
  • Zippered rear storage pocket
  • Adjustable head pillow
  • Vegetation straps
  • Aluminum frame
  • Flip-over cover
  • See-through concealment mesh
  • Inner comfort pad
  • Backrest and mat: 63" x 19" x 13"
  • Cover: 78" x 27" x 13"
  • Total weight: 9 lbs.