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Our Tech Those Who Outlast, Outhunt

Weather doesn't call the shots. You do.

In the Midwest, no matter how low the mercury drops, we refuse to hibernate. That’s why we engineer our hunting gear to add unparalleled insulation, warmth and comfort no matter how cold or how long you’re outdoors. The material and exclusive technology found in our gear is designed to help you stay out longer. As a Minnesota-based company, our gear is designed through real-world experience, because hunting season doesn’t wait for perfect weather, and neither do we.

Arctic Shield Benefits


Our proprietary technology is designed to strategically lock heat in around your core so you stay comfortable even in the coldest conditions.


We use nano-sized metallics to retain heat while eliminating bulk so you stay comfortable whether you’re moving or staying still.


Certain items eliminate thread holes from our jackets and pants. We can’t stop the wind from blowing, but it’ll sure feel like it.

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How It Works

ArcticShield technologies are not traditional insulation, which is bulky and slows heat loss. They are thin, thermal barriers that return your body heat to you, while retaining breath-ability. Our advanced technologies are rigorously tested and have proven effectiveness from above the Arctic Circle to regions in the south. That means, for any prey, nowhere is safe.

Technology to Outlast The Elements


Retain™ technology is our warmest heat retention technology for the sedentary hunter built for the longest, coldest days in the deer stand.


Designed for spot and stalk hunters Retain™ Active technology is warm and breathable for anyone on the move.

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Retain™ And Retain™ Active Technologies

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