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Turn up the heat on your hunt

Retain™ and Retain™ Active are our proprietary heat retention technologies that allow hunters to stay out longer to increase their chances of a successful hunt. It’s your license to ignore Mother Nature’s nagging.

Retain™ - Locks Heat In

Retain™ technology is an aluminized polypropylene core layer in the fabric system. This thin, aluminized layer captures and returns up to 90% of your body heat back to you by reflecting it. You become your own heater. Simultaneously, it acts as a barrier to deflect the cold outside air from affecting your comfort level.

Hunters Who Need Retain™

Any hunter who spends long periods of time in a blind or a deer stand will need the warmest technology we offer. With strategic zonal placement around the core areas of the body for efficient use of your own heat, Retain is the right technology to take the bite out the most bitter days, so you can focus on filling your whitetail tag. 

Classic Elite Body Insulator Suit
The body insulator suit features Retain™ heat retention technology throughout the body. Waterproof and windproof, the body insulator suit provides everything you need to face cold days in the stand.

Classic Elite Parka
The Classic Elite Parka includes our Retain™ heat retention technology throughout the body, a durable polyester tricot outer shell, and a waterproof and windproof exterior for added protection from the elements.

Quiet Tech Jacket
The Quiet Tech Jacket has our Retain™ heat retention technology in the core of the body, a quiet outer shell that is waterproof and windproof and a bomber-style jacket fit that’s as comfortable as it is quiet.

Boot Insulators
Our Boot Insulators contain Retain™ heat retention technology. Lightweight and packable, they roll up to fit in your pocket so you can take our warmest technology on the go with you.

Retain™ Active  - 
Lightweight & Breathable Warmth

Retain™ Active technology utilizes nano-sized metallic powder formulated into the apparel laminate. This thin layer of thermal insulation efficiently retains body head and delivers more than 20% added warmth back to the body. It’s a technological advancement that allows us to call our clothing lightweight and breathable without it being an oxymoron.

Hunters Who Need Retain™ Active

Active hunters who engage in spot and stalk hunting can use the warmth of retain heat technology while maintaining the dexterity to complete any physical task. When you’re hiking miles through the woods or the mountains in search of your ideal target, Retain™ Active lets you sight in on what matters: your shot.


Heat Echo Light Jacket
The Heat Echo Light Jacket features Retain™ Active breathable heat retention technology. The fleece interior contains bamboo charcoal fibers that offer scent minimization and heat reflection for your next hunt.

Heat Echo Light Performance Hoodie
The Heat Echo Light Performance Hoodie contains Retain™ Active breathable heat retention technology through a bonded fabric that is a polyester shell with a fleece interior for waterproofing and comfort.

Heat Echo Sherpa Jacket
The Heat Echo Sherpa Jacket includes Retain™ Active breathable heat retention technology. And a Sherpa fleece exterior that’s windproof, waterproof and breathable for maximum protection from the elements.

Heat Echo Hydrovore Jacket
The Heat Echo Hydrovore Jacket features Retain™ Active breathable heat retention technology. And a bonded fabric with 4-way stretch ripstop exterior that makes it supremely waterproof, windproof, lightweight and breathable.